6 International Zero Waste Instagram Accounts to Inform and Inspire

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Now that I have covered Tennessee’s innovative Zero Waste Instagram accounts, I thought it would be a great opportunity to share these practical and useful international Zero Waste accounts as well. Great ideas come from all different places, I enjoy recognizing and sharing innovations from all corners of the world. Our global community is doing great things to create a sustainable path to our future.

Zero Waste is a vital step to reach a circular, sustainable economy. Without it, we’re in trouble. 

That’s why I started Green365. I want to help businesses and communities of all sizes be sustainable and adopt practical ways to achieve Zero Waste. Reaching this goal requires a collaborative effort from top to bottom. From community leaders to students, we must do what we can to make the Earth a greener place for all. These six international accounts do for me what I hope to do for you: inform and inspire.

1. Zero Waste Japan

Zero Waste Japan is a popular account trying—and succeeding—the Zero Waste lifestyle in Japan. They have over 167,000 followers. Chock full of bite-sized how-tos and tips, Zero Waste Japan is the perfect account for all ages to understand how accessible adopting sustainable habits and principles into your existing behavior can be. 

All you need to watch is one video to see the appeal of Zero Waste Japan. Fun songs and practical advice are what you get. Sometimes, that’s all you need. If Tik Tok is more your thing, don’t worry, they’re also on there

Zero Waste Japan Image example

Here is a helpful tip Zero Waste Japan taught me recently: keep strawberries fresh for an entire week without a vinegar bath. All your strawberries need is a rinse in 50 degrees celsius water for one minute, a soft pat-down, and a sealed container. Now you have fresh and bright strawberries for about a week—no more bacteria or mold.

2. Zero Waste Malaysia

Zero Waste Malaysia, a nonprofit focused on regional Zero and low-waste living advocacy is one of the most active international Zero Waste accounts I could find. From their leaders to their ground team, this group is committed to living Zero Waste and helping you do it yourself. As of 2019, Malaysia wastes over 12 million pounds of food per day. From air pollution to food waste, From air pollution to food waste, Malaysia has been negatively impacted by traditional waste practices. Zero Waste Malaysia seeks to reverse this trend and transform the country.

Malaysia Zero Waste Graphic

Malaysia Zero Waste has its followers and its mission in mind with every post. Give Zero Waste Malaysia a follow. You’ll be glad you did. 

Here’s a great example. Are coffee cups recyclable? You might be surprised that the answer is no—for now, anyway.

3. Zero Waste Emporium

Zero Waste Emporium is a proud Zero Waste grocery store in Victoria, Canada. One thing grocery stores need to stop doing is overstocking. Zero Waste Emporium does not overstock. Right now, traditional grocery stores are responsible for over 10% of our annual food waste here in the United States. That’s over 43 billion pounds of wasted food. 

Zero Waste Emporium Graphic

Zero Waste Emporium aims to curb and eliminate waste from the grocery store model by sharing helpful tips and resources, supporting their local community, and committing to waste elimination at every step of the business. I love what Zero Waste Emporium stands for in their community.

What would our world look like if 5% of grocery store food waste was eliminated? That’s the trillion-dollar question. Zero Waste Emporium are trailblazers doing the hard work the environment needs in their corner of the world of Victoria, Canada.

4. Zero Waste Bali

Zero Waste Bali is a Health food store in Indonesia selling over 600 organic, natural, and sustainable products in its community. This Zero Waste store is a great example of a grocery store that doesn't overstock and doesn't waste.Zero Waste Bali Graphic

5. Zero Waste Namibia

Zero Waste Namibia is run by Christina, a passionate person dedicated to living a holistic life. She understands Zero Waste is one of many ways to discover fulfillment and joy. That’s why she shares happy and inspirational quotes, tips, and sunsets.

Christina’s goal is simple: for others to learn to love their life with less.

It’s the mantra that drives her to keep posting and learning. She uniquely encourages each of us to “be the change you want to see in the world.”

Zero Waste Namibia

6. Zero Waste Switzerland

Zero Waste Switzerland is a nonprofit organization associated with the Swiss government that aims to reduce waste at the source. Their Instagram posts are in French, one of the four official languages in the country. Thankfully, Instagram translates for you with a tap in the app. The auto-translate feature does not function on desktop Instagram, so keep that in mind as you browse. 

Zero Waste Switzlerland

From child-rearing to accessible Zero Waste product recommendations, Zero Waste Switzerland guides you through the Zero Waste philosophy so you can contribute to an ecologically and economically sustainable society. 

Here is another way Zero Waste Switzerland informs and inspires its followers. By highlighting Earth Overshoot Day, the date when humanity’s demand for resources and services exceeds annual sustainable levels, Zero Waste Switzerland raises awareness and motivates readers to make a change. In 2021, Earth Overshoot day falls on Thursday, July 29th.

Get inspired to go Zero Waste

Pick one actionable step for your home and one actionable step for your workplace inspired by these Zero Waste accounts. I did, and it made me feel that I was contributing to the sustainability movement in our corner of the world, Memphis, TN. It’s not about being perfect but everyone participating imperfectly. That’s why it’s up to us to take one step at a time to reach Zero Waste. 

We are in this together. Let’s go green.