EasyEcoTips Keeps It Simple


My Favorite Green Social Media Channel
I’m always on the lookout for new people and products empowering the average consumer to channel their life into one that’s more green. With that being said, EasyEcoTips easily takes the cake as one of my favorite green social media channels. Here’s why I can’t stop talking about it.

What is EasyEcoTips?

EasyEcoTips is an engaging, digestible resource on Instagram and Facebook helping you help the planet. I love how informative their social media is. Every time I open my app, EasyEcoTips gives me a fresh perspective on just how easy going green can be. It’ll absolutely do the same for you.

Their blog is so informative and spotlights concerns that I would have never considered an issue. It answers all sorts of unique questions, like How to reduce your footprint when listening to music?, or how those pesky wasps are actually crucial to our ecosystem. Each new blog post brings useful information that expands my worldview. It’s good, green stuff. 

For more insight, here is a great list highlighting the top ten most popular posts by EasyEcoTips.

What sets it apart from other eco-friendly social channels?

I’ve followed so many eco-friendly Instagrams over the years. Sadly, I just end up unfollowing them.

Where other accounts get bogged down with confusing opinions or personal politics, EasyEcoTips stays refreshingly focused on its mission: new green tips every day to help the planet. 

I love tips and a green-living perspective that’s accessible and easy to read. Instead of getting bogged down by numbers and facts, EasyEcoTips presents green living as fun, practical, and doable. Instead of telling yourself that you’ll eventually go green later, EasyEcoTips gives you healthy tips to be green now.

Expanding your green knowledge

Living green is something everyone can do. Don’t just take it from me. Here’s EasyEcoTips founder Noel Ciazynski on what it means to tackle climate change in our daily lives:

Ask anyone randomly in the street: “What have you changed in your life to reduce your footprint?” Not everyone knows what they could do, or where to start.

People share our posts because it’s about taking easy but meaningful action instead of just waiting to see what happens—it’s empowering.

Noel Ciazynski

Noel knows what he’s talking about. For more on how EasyEcoTips started, here’s a fun interview all the way back in 2019.

I know we can’t change the world on our own. But that doesn’t mean we’re alone. Celebrate good. Acknowledge your own daily green accomplishments. Be accountable to yourself, your loved ones, and your community. 

This world isn’t going to clean itself. It takes smart, engaged people—people like you and me—to make helpful choices and decisions every single day. Following EasyEcoTips, and other resources like it, is one of those helpful choices. 

Nobody’s perfect. Just try your best to be mindful of your habits and choices. Be the change you wish to see in your climate. Let’s go green.